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About Bathroom Elegance

Our simple guide to stunning results

With more than two decades of experience delivering bathroom projects, we've learned a lot about achieving amazing results and keeping projects running smoothly.

4,000 square feet of possibilities
Step 1

Showroom visit

4,000 square feet of possibilities

Our showroom within the Nuffield Trade Centre, featuring 50 displays really is the only place to start.

Find inspiration from our displays and speak to our helpful team about what you would like to achieve. We're very happy to help with projects of all sizes!

You are welcome to browse without an appointment but if you let us know in advance we'll make sure one of our designers is available to guide you.

Understanding your project
Step 2

Design survey

Understanding your project

After talking through your project's space, purpose and your preferences, our designers can develop ideas to perfectly meet these goals.

The exciting part
Step 3


The exciting part

Once your bathroom has been designed we will arrange an in-person presentation where you will be taken through visuals by the designer, who will explain the thought process, product selection and options to ensure that it's exactly what you want.

Planning installation
Step 4


Planning installation

We usually recommend working with one of a number of trusted and highly-skilled bathroom installers.

The products selected for your design will also influence our recommendation as some products have complex installation requirements; prior experience ensures flawless fitting and quicker installation.

Turning concept into reality
Step 5


Turning concept into reality

In coordination with your chosen fitters' installation schedule, we will arrange delivery of your furniture and fittings.

We deliver directly from our warehouse to minimise any risk of delay or damage from third-party transit.

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